Lack of ethics investigating a computer-related crime. Justice is just and Illusion.

The irresponsible acts the people from the @certuy were really disappointing for me. I have not been accused nor sentenced of any crime after almost 2 years, but so far, I have been punished in a way nobody could ever imagine. I lost beloved ones during this process, I lost all my savings and all of other people, and list continues…

It is unforgivable the recommendation to seize everything from my house to be “analysed” when those who gave the recommendation were perfectly aware that the police was not able to do it and was not going to do it. That recommendation was just in bad faith, just to cause me damage, being aware of that.

An then, after being able to access to the file of the case and see how amateur their work was, it was obvious for me they lack of any ethics regarding issues where the life of a person can be destroyed.