It is not smart to fight for justice in #Uruguay – I will win this battle with the help of the rest of the #World

Weeks ago I asked via twitter a meeting with the “security agency of Uruguay” to talk about my case and share “improvement opportunities”. They never replied. They don’t want to hear from me.

Obviously, I will not waste more energy and resources with this approach. If they are not willing to meet with me and to let me express somethings that I consider should be reviewed and improve things, then talk to my He has many questions to ask you.

in Uruguay my case is ignored by the #media – in the world people cannot believe my story, and they really pay attention to it. I was rejected form the most important technology event here to talk with my lawyer about my case. They want to hide the disaster behind the case.

In the request for the meeting @AGESIC @CERTUY @PJUDICIALUY #FISCALIAURUGUAY as well as the DIRECTOR of AGESIC and some Journalists were included.

It was an offer with expiration date. I should had accepted it, but I respect that you are unwilling to talk about this situation.

Alberto Daniel Hill